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  • What is MLS?
    Multiple Listing Service or MLS is a tool to help listing brokers find cooperative brokers working with buyers to help sell their clients' homes. This is the same tool that Real Estate Agents and brokers use to list and market homes. The MLS provides the bedrock of information millions of people depend on to make smart real estate decisions. The vast majority of home sales happen by real estate brokers and agents working together on the MLS, not because of portals, websites or apps.
  • Why put your listing into MLS?
    When we place your home on the Multiple Listing Service, we ensure that your home is displayed on nearly every real estate company website in town and on top real estate search apps. Placing your listing into MLS puts your home in front of Brokers, Real Estate Agents and distributes it to all major real estate websites like,,,,, and many more! These real estate websites pull in their information directly from the MLS.
  • Is this the same MLS that Realtors use?
    Yes. As we are a brokerage licensed by the state of Florida and members of the National Association of Realtors we use the same MLS that all realtors use.
  • Will my home be on Zillow and
    Yes! Most home listings can be found on popular home search apps and websites because they get their information from the Multiple Listing Service. But the Multiple Listing Service contains information that you will not find publicly: showing instructions that will allow real estate agents and brokers to tour properties outside of open house times, comments from sellers’ agents and even data points that cannot be displayed publicly due to privacy concerns.
  • Can I really sell my home on my own?
    Yes, of course! The state of Florida allows you to sell a property that you own and you do not need a license to do so.
  • What is the difference between listing with you and listing with a realtor?
    There is no difference! We are a fully licensed and insured real estate brokerage in the state of Florida!
  • Will Agents show my Home?
    Yes. Depending on the package you chose to list your home you will either be contacted by real estate agents directly to setup showings or you will use an electronic showing approval system.
  • Do I have to pay a real estate commission?
    If you are listing using one of our DIY Listing packages you are only required to pay the fee for the package in order to place your listing into the MLS. By placing your listing in MLS you will decide how much compensation you want to offer to the buyers agent who brings the buyer. By using a DIY listing package you are saving the listing commission but you will need to offer compensation to the cooperating agent. This amount is completely up to the seller but in general we suggest offering a minimum of 2% of the purchase price to the buyers agent. By placing your listing in MLS you are contractually obligated to the amount you agree upon for the buyers side/cooperating realtor.
  • How long is the listing agreement?
    Our listing agreements are 6 months long.
  • What if I need help during the process?
    If you need any assistance just text or call us at (727) 753-7555 or email us at You can also send a message through your member profile on our website.
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